Starting Over After A Child Loss

Starting Over After A Child Loss

If you have come across our site to help a person, couple, or family who has lost their precious baby, you are amazing. We sympathize that it is difficult to watch your family or friends go through such a loss. We understand that it is difficult to be in the situation of watching from the sidelines and not knowing how to help or what to say. Our mission is to help you support your family and friends.

We have compiled a few ideas to be supportive. Please know that these ideas can be used at different times during the healing process.

∞ There is never too little that you can do for someone grieving. Simply reaching out to them with a text, phone call, email, or card can let them know you are thinking of them.

 ∞ Check back in repeatedly, especially months later – the initial help from others can fade away quickly

∞ Don’t feel bad if at first, they are not talking about their loss- they may not know how to express what they are going through or they may be unable to.  At the same point, it’s ok to be silent and just listen to their story. There are no “good answers” to what they are going through. Just encourage them that you are always ready to sit and listen to them.

∞ It is in our nature to want to give an encouraging word, please visit our page that has things not to say.  The most well-intentioned words can sometimes be overwhelmingly sad to a parent who has just lost their baby.

∞ Gifts of homemade food are always appreciated.  If possible, bring prepared food in freezer-ready containers, just in case they need to freeze and use at a later time.  If you are unsure of what food they would like, gifting them with a restaurant gift card is amazing too!

∞ If you know the baby’s expected due date, it is a nice gesture if you remember the date with a card, text, or phone call.

∞ If they have other children, offer to take them out to a park or movie or stay with them at the house so the couple can go out or just take a nap together. 

∞ Dad’s are almost always forgotten during the loss of a baby. Please try to remember to reach out to dad as well. We strive to help couples heal together, they will need each other more during their healing.

∞ Older siblings go through the grieving process, as well.  They are also worried because they see their parents grieving. Make sure to acknowledge them, as they tend to be pushed aside and assumed they don’t really know what is going on.

∞ Gift your family or friends with our Renewal of Hope package!