We appreciate all of our volunteers and we could not accomplish our goals without your assistance.


We are in need of lovies (small blankets), throw blankets, and shawls. We are honored that you are joining us in sharing some kindness and love to grieving parents.

Lovey Blanket size 12’’x14’’, or 12’’x15’’

The Lovey Blanket will be a keepsake for parents to use maybe in a memory box or on a side table.

These do NOT have animals attached, they are just small blankets.

Colors are baby neutral, girly, or boyish. 

Soft yarns are appreciated.

Blanket Throw size 60’’x54’’

We are gifting these to couples and families that need to wrap up in comforting warmth.

A variety of colors are welcome and soft yarns are appreciated.

Shawl size 30-45” wide by 75-80” long

Shawls will be gifted to moms who need to wrap up and feel comforted.

A variety of colors are welcome and soft yarns are appreciated.

We have different patterns to choose from, or you can use a pattern that you love.  We will email you with the patterns when we hear from you. We are happy to ship you yarn and a box with return label for the finished projects.  We are grateful for donated finished projects. They can be mailed to:

The Tivis Project
6967 Isabell Street
Arvada, CO 80007

Please email us at info@thetivisproject.org for additional questions.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your kindness in sharing some love to families of loss!