What Not to Say to Someone Experiencing Pregnancy Loss

What Not to Say to Someone Experiencing Pregnancy Loss

Has someone close to you had a baby loss? When we see our family or friends in distress from trauma and heartbreak, it is natural to want to say words that will ease or take away their pain.  However, some of the most well-said words can actually cause more pain. Here are some phrases to stay away from when trying to comfort your loved ones.

-It was God’s will/purpose

-It wasn’t meant to be

-You can always try again

-At least you can get pregnant

-Be grateful you already have a child(ren)

-You already have one of each (boy/girl). You should be grateful for them.

-It was bad timing in your life anyway

-There’s always a reason

-God needed another angel

-He/She is in a better place

-Kids are overrated

-Get a puppy or a kitten to practice

-Time heals All Wounds

-You just need to pray more and have more faith

-It’s very common or it happens all the time

-It wasn’t a baby yet

-Did you deliver a real baby

-You need to get over it

-You’re young, you have plenty of time

-You’re too old to have any more anyway

-At least you lost it early

-Now you have an angel baby